Sales & Marketing

Customer Management – Create and manage email and telephone marketing campaigns. Target your contacts based on their activity, such as “customers who only purchased once in the last 12 months.” Set up and leverage Relationships such as Referral Partners.

  • Tags – Organize and automate your sales and marketing with this powerful tool. Tags can be set up any way you wish, and can be used wherever you choose. For example, you can set up email and telephone marketing campaigns that reach anyone associated with the CUSTOMER tag. If you then add a new contact and apply the CUSTOMER tag, the new contact will be automatically included in the email and telephone marketing campaigns! Use tags with Contacts, Products, Product Bundles, Product Subscriptions…anywhere you like! Use Tags for sales and marketing, or after the fact to understand customer acquisition and other costs.
  • Autotagging – Automatically tag contacts based on their actions. For example, you might want to understand how your customers respond to volume pricing. You could create a “Buy 2, get 1 free” bundle and set it up to apply the VOLUME tag to all purchasers. You can then instantly create email and telephone marketing campaigns that reach anyone associated with the VOLUME tag! Use Autotagging with Products, Product Bundles, Product Subscriptions and other activities.
  • Web & Social Media – Publish everywhere with ONETouch; track the results on your Dashboard
  • Email & Phone – Follow up instantly with customers; see who responds to which messages; learn which responses keep customers on the phone and generate revenue.

The ONETouch Tool

ONETouch Tool

The ONETouch Tool allows you to publish sales and marketing content to your web site, all of your social media and print with a single click. Better yet, it synchronizes these so that, for example, if you list a new product for sale on your web site, your social media updates point right to the new listing so your customers can immediately purchase it. The results are then displayed on the Dashboard.

  • Media Posting Targets – Choose where to send your message on-the-fly – just one, or everyplace at once! Web, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and print!
  • What’s the Story – The text you enter here becomes a Tweet if you have Twitter selected in Media Posting Targets; the tweet will link back to your primary entry. It’s the headline of your web site entry if you have Web selected in Media Posting Targets; the headline of your Facebook entry if you have Facebook selected; the headline of your LinkedIn entry if you have the business service selected; and the headline of your print entry.
  • What are the Details – The text and graphics you enter here become your web site entry if you have Web selected in Media Posting Targets, as well as your Facebook, LinkedIn and print entries if you have print those selected.
  • There’s a full Editor that’s as easy to use as any word processor. Write, format, insert pictures, graphics and video – get it just the way you want it right from your browser!
  • Add Keywords – Creates keywords that are then used for the Search Engine Optimization that Business ONETouch registers for every post you create with the ONETouch tool

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Telling shoppers from shoplifters: a FREE whitepaper that shows how to successfully implement marketing strategy

You start a Facebook page for your company, and hundreds of people like it!

Will that make you even $1?

Zillions follow you on Twitter!

How many are Bots? Are ANY of them your customers?

At the end of the day, there’s only one metric that matters in business: Dollars in your pocket. Everything else is secondary. So In A World Where A Crucial New Social Medium Launches every five minutes, how do you find the Shoppers who will actually give you money from the Shoplifters who just take up your time?

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So how do you tell the shoppers from the shoplifters?

About Business ONETouch

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Christopher J. Feola,  President

Chris Feola’s background and experience has always been at the intersection of information and technology. He has been granted two patents, and has an additional 10 pending. He has led IT teams to Number 13 on the InfoWorld 100; the 2002 The RealWare Award – Best Enterprise Content Management Application; an Honorable Mention in the 2003 CIO Magazine Enterprise Value Awards, recognizing contribution to business value and results; among other awards. He was the founding director of The Media Center at American Press Institute, one of the industry’s major think tanks, and taught at the graduate level at Columbia and Indiana universities, among others. Previous positions include Vice President/Technology, Belo Interactive, Executive Vice President/CIO of askSam Systems, and President, nextPression, inc. Technology industry leadership positions include membership on the CIO Magazine Executive Programs Advisory Board; Editor, The Society for Information Management’s SIMNews; member, STARTech Early Ventures Industry Advisor; and chairman, Marketing Committee, SIMPosium 2006.

Feola was named one of the 50 most influential people in new media by Online Journalism Review. He has appeared as a new media expert on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS and Talk of the Nation on NPR, been written up in Business 2.0 and The New York Times; and addressed a joint session of the World Newspaper Congress and the World Editors Forum in Kobe, Japan.

Feola has been a member of the adjunct faculty at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, the IUPUI School of Journalism, and Miami (Ohio) journalism department, teaching new media and computer-assisted reporting. He has worked at seven papers in 18 states and five countries on a couple of continents, including a two-year stint covering Asia as a foreign correspondent for Stars & Stripes. He has more than 4,000 published articles to his credit.

Geoffrey M. Hayden, Chief Technology Officer

Geoff has decades of experience in technology and telephony ranging from installing military phone lines in Asia to leading corporate technology at world class companies such as Jacuzzi Brands and Accenture. He is a global expert in development and integration, including systems architecture, applications design, telecommunications, data center operations, call center support, and security services.

Geoff received his MBA from University of Southern California.

Business ONETouch Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be downloaded here. (PDF)

Business ONETouch Privacy Policy

The ONETouch Dashboard-the Heart of your Business


The lifeblood of any business is data. What’s your Customer Acquisition Cost? What’s your Return On Investment? What marketing efficiently and effectively sells your product; what marketing costs you more than you make?

The ONETouch Dashboard is designed to be the beating heart of your business. EVERYTHING published with the ONETouch Tool is tracked on the Dashboard in the only metric that really matters in business: Dollars in Your Pocket.

Use the Default settings to see at-a-glance how your business is doing against the last 30 days, or use the Advanced Settings to tailor the Dashboard to your needs. (For example, you can set the Dashboard to show the last 4 Fridays, if your sales vary greatly by day of the week.) Need more? Click on any dial to drill down for more detail; all the way to individual orders!


Telling Shoppers from Shoplifters

So you get one of those emails that promises to Add 10,000 Followers to your Twitter Account!


Adding 10,000 customers to your marketing would be A Good Thing.

Adding 10,000 people who will soak up your time and energy and money and never buy anything would be A Bad Thing.

A century ago, when big newspapers were brand new and the first mass media, a publisher happened to meet the doyen of that city’s upscale department store. “Madam,” the publisher said, “You will have to advertise in my newspaper now. I now have one million subscribers.”

“Sir,” she replied, “Your subscribers are our shoplifters.”

So how do you tell the shoppers from the shoplifters?

Here’s where to start: Who actually uses each medium? How do the use it? Where? When?

Now how do these answers match up with the customers you are trying to reach?

Who is Feola?

And why should you listen to what I have to say about using social and other new media to promote your business? Or, as I’m sure many of you are thinking, Isn’t Feola that Giant Nerd I Met Somewhere Or Other? Can He Even Spell?!?

Well, to be honest, no. I type like I live: fast, with lots of mistakes. Some of those mistakes include changing careers a time or two. So, before I became a Giant Nerd, I did a few other things that are relevant to this discussion:

  • I was a journalist, spending years as a foreign correspondent
  • I wrote a story that got me banned from the Pacific Rim (OK, that’s not relevant, but it is funny)
  • I taught new media at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
  • I founded the Media Center at the American Press Institute
  • I was named one of the 50 most important people in New Media

So here’s the thing about new media: Every 10 minutes someone invents something new, and everyone runs around yelling “This changes everything!”

I’m here to tell you one simple thing: No it doesn’t.

At the end of the day, in every medium, for every reader, for every customer, you must answer one simple question:

Why should I care?