It’s just a flesh wound: Business ONETouch Digital Marketing Daily Digest

Are bookstores going the way of video stores? Well, Borders went the way of Blockbuster already…

Strange goings on….the Department Of Justice subpoened Reason Magazine for the names of its online commentators, and then hit the mag with a gag order over the subpoena. Now the gag is lifted, and published, and 1st Amendment types are saying many unpleasant things about the DOJ.  

New rules take effect Friday that reduce much of the paperwork – and expense – of raising up to $50 million, and small firms are cashing in.


And finally…oh, those wacky Germans! It’s now illegal to sell adult eBooks before 10 pm in Germany. No one better tell them that you can turn off Safe Search in Google. Or explain time zones…


France gonna France, while EU rules web sites responsible for comments: Business ONETouch Digital Marketing Daily Digest

E-book subscription services struggle with French law. Totally shocking (NOT) bit: To get legal, Izneo had to reduce their subscrition offerings to less than 1,500 of the more than 12,000 digital comics they sell. No worries – the French are very happy having Minitel instead of that scary Internet thing.

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The books we now think of as Charles Dickens novels – Great Expectation, et al – were actually published as serials printed a chapter at a time, with fans waiting anxiously then as they do now for the next Game of Thrones. Are we now headed back to serialization?

And finally…In the shocking – but not surprising – part of our show, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that web sites can be held responsible for comments, including annonomous ones.  Ya know, if one were a bit on the cruel and cynical side, one might advise Amazon, Google and other Internet companies caught up in all this EU regulating to just stall for Grexit…


France tries to extend Right to Be Forgotten world-wide: Business ONETouch Digital Marketing Daily Digest

French regulators order Google to extend “Right to be forgotten” to remove all references to people world wide. Google says “Not gonna do it.”

In other European regulators fuss with American Internet companies news, the EU has launched an investigation into Amazon’s e-book distribution practices.

A new startup will put context around the news with original opinion writing. Good thing, too: right now there are hardly any opinions on the Internet.

And finally…is this a sign of the apocalypse? The St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated for hacking the Houson Astros. Haven’t the Astros been in last place for like 176 consecutive seasons?

Tales of the Modern Silicon Valley-Secret shuts down without ever trying to make money; Business ONETouch Digital Marketing Daily Digest

Tales of the Modern Silicon Valley-Secret, the “tell your friends the truth annonomously” app, shuts down without ever trying to make money.

2015 Fashion trends, as told by Google Data. Tulle is in, apparently…but not for moi.

More bad news for traditional publishers in their fight against Amazon: Amazon is leading ebook lending services (Think Netflix for books) without any books from said traditional publishers.

Apple is more and more looking like Microsoft circa 2003: Feds are rumored to be conducting an antitrust probe into Apple over its plans to crush Spotify.

Not Everyone is Thrilled that Cyberspace is an American Corporate Hegemony Department: Facebook tackling international concerns over Net Neutrality.

And finally…Do your friends make fun of you when you’re reading about the Royal Baby on TMZ? Turn your embarrassing reading habits into the Old Gray Lady with Timesify!



Why Publishers Fight Digital; Business ONETouch Digital Marketing Daily Digest

Hugh Howey: Why Publishers Fight Digital.

Excerpt: Even though ebooks are more profitable than the venerable hardback, publishers have fought their adoption for many of the same reasons that music studios were reluctant to hasten the end of physical album sales. The number one service major publishers and major music studios offer their artists is retail distribution.

Good stuff I love: White board paint. Haven’t tried this particular brand, but, as many of you know, I’m a fan of white boards. Once had an office where we litterally turned all the walls into white boards with a paint like this that’s no longer made. VERY productive. And fun!

New Apple iPad Pro will have a Bluetooth Stylus.


And finally…The Aztec calendar has his Cinco De Mayo party penciled in…