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The ONETouch tool publishes everywhere simultaneously! Web, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email – everywhere at once. Better yet, each element is linked together and tracked.


The ONETouch Tool allows you to publish sales and marketing content to your web site, all of your social media and print with a single click. Better yet, it synchronizes these so that, for example, if you list a new product for sale on your web site, your social media updates point right to the new listing so your customers can immediately purchase it. The results are then displayed on the Dashboard.

Web Facebook
Track your web site activity.
See which Facebook posts produce sales.


  • Media Posting Targets – Choose where to send your message on-the-fly – just one, or everyplace at once! Web, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and print!
  • What’s the Story – The text you enter here becomes a Tweet if you have Twitter selected in Media Posting Targets; the tweet will link back to your primary entry. It’s the headline of your web site entry if you have Web selected in Media Posting Targets; the headline of your Facebook entry if you have Facebook selected; the headline of your LinkedIn entry if you have the business service selected; and the headline of your print entry.
  • What are the Details – The text and graphics you enter here become your web site entry if you have Web selected in Media Posting Targets, as well as your Facebook, LinkedIn and print entries if you have print those selected.
  • There’s a full Editor that’s as easy to use as any word processor. Write, format, insert pictures, graphics and video – get it just the way you want it right from your browser!
  • Add Keywords – Creates keywords that are then used for the Search Engine Optimization that Business ONETouch registers for every post you create with the ONETouch tool


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