Sales & Marketing

Customer Management – Create and manage email and telephone marketing campaigns. Target your contacts based on their activity, such as “customers who only purchased once in the last 12 months.” Set up and leverage Relationships such as Referral Partners.

  • Tags – Organize and automate your sales and marketing with this powerful tool. Tags can be set up any way you wish, and can be used wherever you choose. For example, you can set up email and telephone marketing campaigns that reach anyone associated with the CUSTOMER tag. If you then add a new contact and apply the CUSTOMER tag, the new contact will be automatically included in the email and telephone marketing campaigns! Use tags with Contacts, Products, Product Bundles, Product Subscriptions…anywhere you like! Use Tags for sales and marketing, or after the fact to understand customer acquisition and other costs.
  • Autotagging – Automatically tag contacts based on their actions. For example, you might want to understand how your customers respond to volume pricing. You could create a “Buy 2, get 1 free” bundle and set it up to apply the VOLUME tag to all purchasers. You can then instantly create email and telephone marketing campaigns that reach anyone associated with the VOLUME tag! Use Autotagging with Products, Product Bundles, Product Subscriptions and other activities.
  • Web & Social Media – Publish everywhere with ONETouch; track the results on your Dashboard
  • Email & Phone – Follow up instantly with customers; see who responds to which messages; learn which responses keep customers on the phone and generate revenue.

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