Tutorial-Create Email Template


Business ONETouch brings Big Data to all companies at a small business price. Here is a brief overview video explaining how Business ONETouch can help your business. These are HD videos; be sure to change the settings by clicking the gear in the lower right corner if you’re not getting that quality.

Step-by-step-Creating a new Email Template: 

  • Mouse over “Sales & Marketing” tab
  • Move cursor to “Email Marketing”
  • Click “Email Templates”

This will bring you to the list of templates. 

  • Click “Create New”
  • Give new template a name
  • Set the person who is sending the email
  • Set the person who is receiving the test emails
  • Make it Active
  • Click save

Now move to the Email Template.

  • Give email a subject (keep this generic)
    • Modify yours to be more specific based on your email campaign
  • Go to the Database Tool and insert the current date
  • Write a salutation (use Database Tool to insert First or Last name)
  • Add more lines to the body of template
  • Use Database tool to insert Company Mission
  • Use the Database Tool to insert your Company Name, Address and Logo.
  • Click Close (this also saves your data)

You should now see your new active Email Template.

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