Twitter’s already a graveyard; you just haven’t noticed

There’s been an interesting side note to the controversy over Twitter suspending and shadowbanning conservatives: many commentators are saying some variation of “I have tons of activity on Twitter, but it doesn’t seem to help my blog traffic.”

That’s because you have no actual activity on Twitter. Shall we take a look? Here’s the Business ONETouch dashboard for a successful young Tweeter:


Wow! 262 click throughs on just a few dozen tweets! This guy must be posting gold, Twitter Gold! Shall we partake?

Yes, our test account with no followers and no content gets dozens of clicks on every single test. Shall we drill down?

That’s right; one to two dozen clicks as soon as we post exciting things like “Test Tweet,” “Test Tweet with #hashtag,” and the ever popular “Late night test.” Who could be clicking on these tests? Could it be…ROBOTS!?!

The reason you’re not getting any useful traffic from your Twitter storms is that there’s no one there. At the end of the day, robots are NOT buying your products or those of your advertisers.

You can learn more about Business ONETouch here Free Business ONETouch dashboard demo 

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