The ONETouch Dashboard-the Heart of your Business


The lifeblood of any business is data. What’s your Customer Acquisition Cost? What’s your Return On Investment? What marketing efficiently and effectively sells your product; what marketing costs you more than you make?

The ONETouch Dashboard is designed to be the beating heart of your business. EVERYTHING published with the ONETouch Tool is tracked on the Dashboard in the only metric that really matters in business: Dollars in Your Pocket.

Use the Default settings to see at-a-glance how your business is doing against the last 30 days, or use the Advanced Settings to tailor the Dashboard to your needs. (For example, you can set the Dashboard to show the last 4 Fridays, if your sales vary greatly by day of the week.) Need more? Click on any dial to drill down for more detail; all the way to individual orders!


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