Tutorial- Automated Email Campaigns


Setting up Automated Email Campaigns:


There are two ways to set up Automated Email Campaigns.


Let’s look at the Traditional Drip Campaign first.
This example is for Donors in the Campaign Foundry Version of Business OneTouch.


The front shows the campaign is active- just pick your date and time for the campaign to run.
Under start type you can either have it run on a particular day or date, in this case, we chose Product Purchase.


When someone donates money or purchases a product, that sets off the email campaign.


When you move to the emails tab, you will see your emails set up to run.


In a traditional Drip Campaign the initial email is set off by an action (donation or product purchase), and then you choose the number of days after that action to follow up with an email.
In this example the email goes out immediately, so we choose 0 days after start.


The Distribution list chooses who the email goes to.
There is also an email templates laying out the actual email the user will see when the information from the database is added to personalize it.


Once past the first email, we can follow up with another email and then a third some time after that.


In this example, we sent out an ebook after the first action and then sent follow up emails asking questions like:


                Did you receive the ebook?
Have you had a chance to look at it?
Would you like to donate more money to the candidate?
Would you like to know more about other issues in the candidate’s platform?




Next, let’s look another type of campaign.


In this case it’s a volunteer set up.
This doesn’t fit into the Traditional Drip Campaign because in this case, someone has signed up to volunteer on a particular day.
So, the initial email goes out as soon as they sign up.
After that, we don’t want emails to go out based on when they signed up, but based on when they signed up to volunteer.


So an email can be set up to go out a week before their volunteer day as a reminder.
Then another email can go out on the morning of their volunteer day as a reminder and including tips for them as they volunteer.


There are multiple ways to run these campaigns, and they can be personalized based on the actual user’s take.


For example, if we tag them as someone who has signed up from the Dallas area, we can then follow up only with people from Dallas who read the email, who didn’t read the email, etc.

You can make these emails contingent both on things like day or date, on what type of donation that they gave, on how they volunteered, or even based on whether they didn’t read the original email (that subject line may not have made sense to them or it may not have been interesting to them).

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