Tutorial-Create Email Template


Creating a new Email Template:


First mouse over the “Sales & Marketing” tab, move cursor to “Email Marketing”, then click “Email Templates”


This will bring you to the list of templates.


Click “Create New”
First give your new template a name (this example uses Networking Follow Up).
Next, set the person who is sending the email and the person who is receiving the test emails.
Lastly, make it Active and click save.


Now move to the Email Template and give your email a subject (keep this generic).
Modify yours to be more specific based on your email campaign.


First, go to the Database Tool and insert the current date.
Write a salutation (use Database Tool to insert First or Last name).
Add a few more lines to the body of your template.
You can also use Database tool to insert your Company Mission.
Finish your template and use the Database Tool to insert your Company Name, Address and Logo.


Click Close (this also saves your data).


You should now see your new active Email Template.


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