Today’s Internet marketing is a confusing mess of communications options. Do you know how to navigate through the sea of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and all the other social media options? How much time do you spend posting and re-posting the same data in one place after another? How much business do you miss because you just don’t have the time to keep up with all these options? And how much business is actually driven by these efforts? How effective is each channel? Where should you spend more of your time?

Now you can answer these questions because Business ONETouch will finally give you focus:

  • Publish to web, social media, print – all your channels with ONETouch
  • Track responses from each channel, digital or print; the system automatically assigns unique phone numbers for each print campaign
  • Drive business to your eCommerce engine
  • See revenue by individual channel
  • Automatically tag customers during every interaction
  • Get the right offer to the correct customer with pin-point marketing
  • Truly manage your business!

Business ONETouch provides everything you need for your business in a unified system designed from the ground up so that every component works together.  Need to email prospects, reach them on Facebook, and have a special offer flyer for a trade show? Do them all with one-click using the ONETouch tool, then see their reactions on your Dashboard. Learn who opened your messages, and who didn’t. See which trade show flyer or thotchke produced phone calls for you, and which were a waste of money. Most importantly, see who used your eCommerce setup to purchase! Use the Customer Management tools to Autotag purchasers so you can reach them again for upsells and future promotions.

Business ONETouch has four primary modules:

  • The Dashboard – The lifeblood of any business is data. What’s your Customer Acquisition Cost? What’s your Return On Investment? What marketing efficiently and effectively sells your product; what marketing costs you more than you make? The ONETouch Dashboard is designed to be the beating heart of your business. Everything published with the ONETouch Tool is tracked on the Dashboard in the only metric that really matters: Dollars in your pocket. Need more? Click on any dial to drill down for more detail; all the way to individual orders!
  • The ONETouch Tool – Reclaim the hours and energy you’re spending on sales and marketing by using the ONETouch Tool to publish to Web, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and print with a single click!
  • Store – Everything you need for the business of doing business. Sell products and services. Maintain Inventory for products on hand, and employee scheduling for service offerings. Manage vendors, fulfillment and shipping. Set prices; sell items and services individually, in bundles or via subscriptions. Process Credit Cards, manage your merchant account (included), then review your sales and financial information or export it all to Quickbooks.
  • Sales and Marketing – Automatically create records for anyone who buys through your eCommerce system, or interacts with Business ONETouch in any way. Tag customers and prospects automatically, based on their activity, to organize and automate your sales and marketing. For example, say your best seller is called ProductOne. Create a tag called ProductOne, and Business ONETouch will automatically apply it to every customer who purchases ProductONE. Create a second tag called ProductOneWarranty for everyone who purchases the optional warranty. Then use the Business ONETouch Customer Management Module to send an upsell special offer to all ProductOne buyers who have not already purchased your ProductOneWarranty!

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