Everything you need to sell your products and services: Inventory, selling tools and full credit card processing, including bookkeeping. Set up products and services that you provide, or order from multiple vendors, including drop-shipping straight to your customers. Associate fullfilment centers by product so drop-shipping can be calculated on the fly! Set products and services as Active — available for sale — or Inactive. For example, seasonal products can simply be made active when they are in season.

  • Subscriptions – Sell products and services with monthly, quarterly or annual billing. Subscriptions can be required with a product, optional or even sold seperately. Subscription plans allow you to set up regular repeat purchases of products and services; e.g monthly deliveries of a consumable such as ink or vitamins. Set up the interval for the subscription – say, weekly or monthly – then add products from your product list. Any products can be added to as many subscription plans as you like. However, all the products must be available. If any product is unavailable the entire subscription plan becomes unavailable. Attach multiple subscription plans to a single product by choosing Subscription Sold Separately on the Product tab, then setting up as many plans as you wish on the Subscription tab. Each subscription will appear as a separate product in your E-commerce area
  • Product Bundles – Create groups of products that are sold together as a single unit. Any product can be added to as many bundles as you like. However, all the products must be available. If any product is unavailable the entire bundle becomes unavailable.
  • Shopping Cart Themes – Configure the look and feel of the shopping cart
  • Order Form Themes – Set the look and feel of Order Forms, which are templates for the shopping cart; e.g. you might have an order form for all products drop-shipped from a particular factory, and another for all digital products
  • Cart Categories – Group products into categories that then determine what Shopping Cart Order Form should be used; e.g. drop-ship fulfillment products, digital products, etc.
  • Payment options – Choose what payment methods your customers can use: E-Check, Discover, Visa, American Express, or Mastercard
  • Receipts – Complete details on all the orders processed through the system
  • Payment plans – Set up alternatives, such as dividing the price into three equal payments over 90 days
  • Promotion Codes – Generate codes that users can enter for promotional discounts; e.g. HOLIDAY for 10% off. Promotion codes are created and managed here; the discount associated with them is set up in Discounts and UpSells. This allows you to, for example, offer different discounts on separate products with the same code, or change the discount associated with a code as an ad is repeated over time.

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